Culture and Design Education

Open Inquiry Archive    Vol. 2, No. 2 (2013)   ISSN 2167-8812

Culture and Design Education:  Pedagogical Discourse for a Globalized World

by Brooke N. Scherer


In an age of rapidly expanding connectivity, multi-cultural relationships, and innovative technologies, principles that once shaped essential components of graphic design have drastically shifted focus from more locally defined audiences to ones centralized around a global spectrum. These advancements have resulted in a need for specialized knowledge—in both design education and industry practice—that requires not only an understanding of why, but also how we visually communicate to societies different than our own. Modernizing the field of graphic design to fit these global needs has become necessity—a change that must begin within the classroom. On that account, this paper will introduce primary foundations and cultural characteristics that help define the belief and behavior systems of individual societies, provide supporting industry examples and assessments of culturally specific design communication, and propose detailed methodological approaches aimed at updating and advancing design education to match the needs of a rapidly advancing globalized world.

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Text copyright 2013 Brooke N. Scherer.



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