How to Submit Feedback

Open Inquiry Archive welcomes reader responses to the articles published here.

How to Respond. To submit a response to any article, please send a letter to the editor and then submit it as a Comment on this page. (Enter your letter in the Comments box at the foot of this page.) As of January 24, 2013, all contributed  feedback to articles will be published on this one page only, both as a convenience to readers and in anticipation of technical changes that are planned for our site.

As Open Inquiry Archive is a scholarly journal, all contributed feedback should conform to the conventions of scholarly communication. Please use the format of a “letter to the editor” in composing your response and then enter your comments in the space provided at the bottom of this page.

Please remember that all communications should be professional in tone and substance since our purpose is to encourage serious discussion. All articles, comments, and letters reflect solely the opinion(s) of their authors and not those of OIA.

By submitting your comment, you authorize its publication on this site. All feedback is moderated. Some submitted may not be published.

As a general guideline, a maximum of one letter on any one article from any one person will be posted. In rare occasions, a single follow-up letter may be also posted, but only if, in the sole judgment of the editors, the follow-up letter adds significantly to the discourse already submitted.

If you wish to submit a longer response in the form of an article or essay, please contact the editors to discuss that possibility.




To find out how to submit feedback about this article, please visit the "How to Submit Feedback" page of this site.

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