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Sandra Cheng, Ph.D., editor 

Sandra Cheng is Assistant Professor of Art History at the New York City College of Technology. Sandra specializes in Italian Renaissance and Baroque art. Her current research examines the production and reception of early modern caricature. Her secondary fields of interest include the history of photography and contemporary art.

Contact her here.

Kimberlee A. Cloutier-Blazzard, Ph.D., founding editor 

Kimberlee is a former Faculty Lecturer of Art History at various colleges in the Boston area (1998-2019). At the Sargent House Museum in Gloucester, MA, she served as the 2015 Social Media & Communications Manager, 2013-14 development associate, and 2012 site administrator. She currently works as a freelance writer, editor, translator and project manager. She has published across disciplines and historical periods, in outlets online and academic. She is currently writing “Dutch Comic Portraiture,” and co-authoring two other books (one on Deformity in Baroque Art, the other on Comic Portraiture in Early Modern Art). Open Inquiry Archive is her latest online venture.

Her website is: http://kimberleecloutierblazzard.com/.  Email her here.

Review Editors

Andrew Graciano, Ph.D.

Andrew Graciano is Associate Professor of Art History, Graduate Director and Associate Director of the School of Visual Art and Design at the University of South Carolina. He is particularly interested in the relationships among art, science, economics and politics in the Age of Enlightenment in Europe. For this reason, the scope of his research goes beyond that of traditional art history and incorporates other histories, including especially those of medicine and natural philosophy (science in its broadest sense). Andrew has many scholarly publications, and his edited volume devoted to the subject of artists’ solo shows and other non-academic, unofficial exhibitions of art in the modern period, entitled Exhibiting Outside the Academy, Salon and Biennial, 1775-1999: Alternative Venues for Display was published with Ashgate (now Routledge) in 2015. He also serves as a third Review Editor for OIA. Contact him here.

Benjamin Harvey, Ph.D.

Benjamin Harvey is Associate Professor in Art History at Mississippi State University. Benjamin received his graduate degrees in Art History from the University of Birmingham, UK, and UNC-Chapel Hill. His research focuses on word and image issues, especially as they pertain to the art and literature of nineteenth-century France and early twentieth-century Britain. Ben’s work has appeared in numerous venues, including publications by Cornell University Press, Edinburgh University Press, and Palgrave MacMillan. He is currently editing two collections: one of Virginia Woolf’s essays on visual culture, and the other of Roger Fry’s writings on Paul Cézanne. He has interests in interdisciplinary approaches to the humanities and a commitment to supporting web-based, open-access art history projects. Contact him here.

Kirstin Ringelberg, Ph.D.

Kirstin Ringelberg is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Art History Program at Elon University. Kirstin works on the intersections of identity and historiography in modern and contemporary art history and visual culture, usually that taking place in the United States, France, and Japan. She has authored a book (Redefining Gender in American Impressionist Studio Paintings: Work Place/Domestic Space, Ashgate, 2010) and some articles (for example “The Faked Pain of the Artist” in Representations of Pain” in Art & Visual Culture, ed. James Elkins & Maria Pia di Bella, Routledge, 2012; and “’This Art’s Kind of a Girly Thing’: Art, Status, and Gender on The Sopranos and Northern Exposure” in Considering David Chase, ed., Thomas Fahy, McFarland & Company, 2007). She can be reached here.

Editorial Advisory Board

Adrian R. Duran, Ph.D.

Adrian R. Duran is currently Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he teaches Modern and Contemporary Art, Theory, and Criticism. He holds a BA from the University of Notre Dame and an MA and Ph.D. from the University of Delaware. Duran is a specialist in Italian Modernism, with side interests in contemporary photography and music history. His book, Painting Politics and the New Front of Cold War Italy, was published by Ashgate in 2014. Contact him here.




[updated March 4, 2019]

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