You Don’t Know “Jack” — abstract

Open Inquiry Archive

Vol. 2, No. 1 (2013)

You Don’t Know “Jack”:  Comparing the Heroes Jack Shephard of “Lost” and Jack Bauer of “24”  in the Tradition of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth and the Historic “Jack Tales”

By Marla Cartwright


Two of the most popular television shows in recent pop culture history, “Lost” and “24” both feature heroic figures that can be better understood in the tradition of literary analysis, particularly Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth and the Hero’s Journey. These two heroes, Jack Shephard and Jack Bauer, are both struggling against their circumstances, striving  for  their own personal survival (both physical and spiritual) as well as for their community’s survival against increasingly dire odds. These heroes share many commonalities, not the least of which is their individual monomythic hero’s journey as they progress through the stages of their unique quests.  Included in the analysis will be each hero’s often perilous journey and their character’s role in the context of historical “Jack” folklore tales.


Full text of article available here.

Text copyright 2013 Marla Cartwright

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