OIA Statement on Image Use

Open Inquiry Archive fully respects the intellectual property rights of others. The site is text-based and normally does not display images within articles due to legal restrictions on the use of copyrighted material. Instead, readers are invited to explore other sources for relevant images. In some cases, authors may supply information about images known to them and which are available at external sites on the Internet. As a courtesy, such links are provided to readers under the label of “Figure,” with the understanding that such sources are external and beyond the control of OIA. Readers use them at their own risk. Exceptions to these policies, which are at the sole discretion of the editors, are made only when authors have written documentation that they have secured the rights to images for inclusion in this venue or in cases where the images are in the public domain. In some cases, images sourced from Wikimedia Commons —  most of whose images are under some kind of free license (usually CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, or GFDL) or in the public domain — are displayed on the site. The information page for each Wikimedia Commons image lists information supplied by the uploader, including the copyright status, the copyright owner, and the license conditions.

OIA has made all reasonable efforts to trace all right holders to any copyrighted material used in this work via individual OIA authors. If there is a case in which these efforts have not been successful, OIA welcomes communications from copyright holders to resolve any issues.

Updated July 24, 2012